Firestorm Armada Update

With the new small ship design contest over, I am anxious to try out some of the ships. Oh wait! A tie! For the Directorate you say!? Sweeeet! I actually liked both the Hostility Drone ship (which I voted for) and the Liquidator. I am actually going to try them out in my next Firestorm Battle along with my new Directorate Nemesis Destroyers that I picked up at the MiniWarGaming store (which is currently having a 30% off closing sale), along with a Tarakian Ganak Battleship, 2 Tarakian Cruisers, and the orbital space station terrain pack.

You can see all small ship winners over at The Black Ocean. I actually was planing on picking ups some more Frigates for my Terrain’s and Directorate forces, but decided to hold out and see what ships win and what they look like when we get renders to decided whether or not I’ll get them. Until then, I will probably proxy them with my Directorate Frigates in game and vice-versa when playing Directorate. This leads me to thinking up a potential list to run with in the near future.

1xBattleship 180
2xDestoryers 150
3xCruisers 195
3xLiquidator Class Frigate-75
3xFrigates 60
3xFrigates 60
6xInterceptors 30

Pretty simple list. I just really want to try out the liquidators. I will be posting the subsequent battle report on the SG forum.


Starship Bridges

Since my last post I have been spending a significant amount of time on the Spartan Games forums browsing and refreshing up on Firestorm Armada. At this point I am not entirely sure weather or not we will be conducting our campaign with the version 1 rules or version 2. It seems V2 makes the game less interesting, but at the same time fixes some of the issues with the previous version making it more playable. Regardless I have yet to get time to play any games with mid-terms this week and life just generally getting in the way. Hopefully sometime soon I can try and at least schedule a game. Instead with my time I have been conjuring Firestorm Armada fiction in my head, reading the Lost Fleet Series, and mucking about on Ghost Reacon Online.

Recently a post on the SG forums about visualizing minor races, got me thinking a bunch about the layout of starship bridges in the Firestorm Armada Universe. With a plethora of science-fiction to pull from I started having a few ideas on what the bridges would look like. As the main control centre and heart of the ship, the bridge is the most vital and the most interesting point on a ship. So I pulled up my bootstraps and found a few ideas with pictures to reinforce.

Out and out the middle of the road guys, I think that Terran ships would be very cramped, especially the smaller classes. Bridges would be simple but functional. Obviously larger ships would need more personal and in turn will be bigger (which will be a common theme for most factions/races)
Terran Starship Bridge
So this bridge maybe on Sentinal Class Cruiser, seats maybe 20 with a captain etc. Maybe not quite as cramped as I would imagine but this is very close. Functionality foremost over everything.

Due to the Directorates heavy reliance on robots to function as the crew for their ships, the bridge could be much more spacious with limited personnel.

The Bridge of a Directorate Frigate

The Bridge of a Directorate Frigate

Much more lavish than a Terran ship, the Directorate can afford to have some sense of luxury. Similar design to many of the Star Trek bridges; posh, clean, comfortable. Exactly the type of environment I would choose if I was an evil CEO working for an evil intergalactic arms dealing corporation.

Initially I had no thoughts on Aquan ship layouts or design until coming across this photo.

The bridge on an Aquan battlecarrier

The bridge on an Aquan battlecarrier

Hits the nail right on the head for me. Obviously it would be filled with the Aquan atmosphere (liquid) but more or less the same fancy design, also spacious but big. This to me would be the best example of the Battle Carriers bridge.


This one screams RSN to me. Lots of personnel, with a very prominent area for command to direct from, just like in Star Wars.

Example bridge for a RSN Destroyer

Example bridge for a RSN Destroyer


Example of Dindrenzi Bridge

Example of Dindrenzi Bridge

Similar to the RSN but more vertical which fits with the design of their ships.

Well, there you have it some idea as to what I think spaceship bridges may look like. Just random musing mostly but what the hell.

Firestorm Armada


So I think its about time I actually discuss one of my favourite miniature war-games; Firestorm Armada. My love of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Halo novels, have fueled my interests in space combat. Naturally, upon seeing the miniatures produced by Spartan Games, I fell in love with the idea of recreating famous space battles and changing the outcome of the battles. Despite this, after my few initial battles with my erstwhile opponents, we promptly stopped playing. Like so often with miniature war gaming, life got in the way. Now I am back, and ready to start a campaign with a friend and use this blog to document each stage of the campaign.

At this point I have both a Terran and Directorate starter fleets at my disposal and my opponent has Rathloza. I think I will use a Kurak Alliance support mainly composed of Terran, Tarakin, and Rhyushi elements. While I do love my Directorate fleet, I would like to use the actual fluff of Firestorm Armada in the campaign to some degree.

Now how to begin this campaign, this is commonly a problem I think for many and it generally stems from three different issues.

1) Poor Participation: probably the most common issue that arises. Its hard to keep people coming for each campaign event, especially when they incorporate more than 2 participants. I feel this can be fixed easily by ensuring that; a) You set reasonable game dates that work for both participants. ie: weekly is workable maybe during the summer but after that monthly or bi-monthly battles need to be planned to ensure that the individuals are able to continue with the campaign and work around real like. b) There is an element of flare in the campaign, by this I mean that there is some level of story behind the entire campaign and each battle regardless of the outcome flows well. I enjoy coming up with a level of fluff for my campaign so this will be a piece of cake and actually leads in the main part of my second point.

2) Having a fully developed campaign. I have participated in a few Warhammer 40k campaigns and it seemed more than once having each mission already planned out was actually a detriment to the enjoyment of the campaign. I feel a sense of randomness actually allows each event that occurs to feel more natural and story based.

3) Having a completely undeveloped campaign. The inverse of the above point, having zero plan for any campaign is a killer. No direction, no story, and no plan puts a big dampener on creating any fun or story driven campaign.

As you can tell from the above points I drive my campaigns with story and interactive for the participants.


Well then, what will be our story?

I haven’t really gotten that far.

Ultimately I think a starting escalation mission or two to get both of use familiarized with the rules again is probably a good idea. These would be small maybe 500pt engagements setting the tone for our campaign. One idea I had was a diplomatic meeting gone wrong, similar to the beginning of “A New Hope” in Star Wars. Of course I have already considered that The Battle for Endor needs to be recreated at one point or another, even the evacuation of Hoth would be great. The guys over at the Black Ocean have a number of great senarios that will work for themed battles as such.

So at this point I am going to work on establishing campaign rules and work on the background until we start our practice games.

With luck this should be a very exciting and engaging campaign.

All ahead full to the drawing board!