Firestorm Armada Update

With the new small ship design contest over, I am anxious to try out some of the ships. Oh wait! A tie! For the Directorate you say!? Sweeeet! I actually liked both the Hostility Drone ship (which I voted for) and the Liquidator. I am actually going to try them out in my next Firestorm Battle along with my new Directorate Nemesis Destroyers that I picked up at the MiniWarGaming store (which is currently having a 30% off closing sale), along with a Tarakian Ganak Battleship, 2 Tarakian Cruisers, and the orbital space station terrain pack.

You can see all small ship winners over at The Black Ocean. I actually was planing on picking ups some more Frigates for my Terrain’s and Directorate forces, but decided to hold out and see what ships win and what they look like when we get renders to decided whether or not I’ll get them. Until then, I will probably proxy them with my Directorate Frigates in game and vice-versa when playing Directorate. This leads me to thinking up a potential list to run with in the near future.

1xBattleship 180
2xDestoryers 150
3xCruisers 195
3xLiquidator Class Frigate-75
3xFrigates 60
3xFrigates 60
6xInterceptors 30

Pretty simple list. I just really want to try out the liquidators. I will be posting the subsequent battle report on the SG forum.


MiniWarGaming Closing???


I had actually planned that my next post would be focusing on video gaming, specifically Guild Wars 2, game I bought in the summer but hardly played and how I am getting back into it. That will come, but today I wanted to express my thoughts on the closing of the MiniWarGaming store in Welland Ontario. If you haven’t heard the news, check it out at (insert link). As a wargamer, whom like many, started his career with a Games Workshop. I got right into 40k for many years but slowing fell out with the game due to balancing issues, power lists, insane meta game and the aggravation of annual price hikes. My faith for the tabletop game today is completely diminished and I may be alone in saying this, but eventually Game Workshop will eventually price itself out of business. Now the purpose of this post today is not going to be bashing GW (which the undoubtedly deserve) its to give a word of thanks to the team over at MiniWarGaming. These individuals, Matt, Dave, EpicDuck Mike and more, helped shaped and improve the community over the past 4-5 years. The terrain videos they posted and battle reports were engaging and thoughtful as well as realistic. These guys were not like GW, they were real people who posted terrain and painting advice that was attainable by individuals who didn’t have 500 paints and a $250 airbrush. I liked that! It made it feel real. As MiniWarGaming grew they expanded there in store sales online and became quite well known for there yearly sale (which sometimes featured GW product at like 20% MSRP!) I saved a lot of money buying from them and got the satisfaction of supporting both a Canadian business, and a local games store.

Now with Games Workshops new agreement with retails its forced MWG to go close there stores because it would be unprofitable to continue business. They will be missed as there contribution to the wargaming community was very recognizable.

With that I will close. If anyone who read this feels like helping out the MWG team, they are having a 30% off sale. This is great chance to get some awesome 40k, Firestorm Armada, and Dystopian Wars for a great deal, as well as helping out the MWG team in depleting excess stock. While they are not selling at cost, I am assuming they are selling pretty close at this point.

Here’s the link to there online store: