Khans of Tarkir Prerelase Event

 khans of tarkir banner

Despite never talking about this here on the Other Side of Endor, I am a huge Magic the Gathering Fan.  Truth be told, I have played on and off since I was in middle school, and now as an adult with some “real” money I have gotten back into the hobby in replace of Warhammer and Firestorm Armada for the time being.

So Thursday night (Friday Morning) was the first night of prerelease for Khans of Tarkir.  I chose not to go based on scheduling conflicts but registered for the Sunday limited event.  First time ever going to an official sealed event and I had a blast!  I won’t do much of a game recap but overall was a fantastic learning experience to improve my playing and just have a great time.  Plus, I came out head with almost $45 in cards outside of the $30 entrance fee.

Rattleclaw Mystic
: 6.15
Anafenza, The Foremost: 6.17 (down from predicted $8)
Flooded Strand: 20.9
2xPolluted Delta: 22.4
Total= $78.02
All prices from MTGPrice as of Sept 23, 2014

I actually traded for the Polluted Delta with a bunch of my uncommon’s from the event that I didn’t want and and some random multi-coloured rares from my binder.  I actually then turned around and sold it to a my LGS the same day.

The event itself was really well run and the venue we very nice.  Clean bathrooms, spacious playing area, well labelled tables, and even a nice break between the morning and afternoon matches for a chance to grab a quick bite which was nice.

In picking a clan I struggled between Temur and Abzan.  I already have a Gruul Aggro deck for casual/standard play so I was drawn to Temur initially.  However, by Sunday the interwebs were a buzz with Abzan being the top clan to pick for sealed limited.  I went to Reddit, my usual stomping ground for Magic the Gather related information, and decided based on the general consensus to stick to Temur, even though Abzan and even Mardu looked good.  In hindsight since I pulled and Anafenza and an okay selection of outlast creatures I could have done a viable Abzan.  However, my mana fixing for Temur was significantly greater with Frontier Bivouac, Embodiment of Spring, and Rattleclaw Mystic, that I felt compelled to go Temur.

Deck List

Creatures (13)
1x Ainok Tracker
1x Bear’s Companion
1x Bloodfire Expert
1x Embodiment of Spring
2x Glacial Stalker
1x Heir of the Wilds
1x Jeskai Windscout
2x Snowhorn Rider
1x Thousand Winds
1x Tuskguard Captain
1x Woolly Loxodon

1x Crippling Chill
1x Dragonscale Boon
1x Feed the Clan
1x Icy Blast
1x Swift Kick
1x Winterflame

Sorcery (1)
1x Barrage of Boulders

1x Dragon Grip

Artifact (2)
1x Lens of Clarity
1x Temur Banner

Land (18)
5x Forest
5x Mountain
4x Island
2x Frontier Bivouac
1x Rugged Highlands
1x Swiftwater Cliffs


Kinda of a mixed bag with little repetition, as are many sealed prerelease decks. While I actually didn’t win any games. I had two very close tie games against Jeskai splashing black and mirror Temur. Literally down to the wire on time limit, and pushed both games to ties. My two of my three loses were to Strong Abzan synergy decks that were dropping tons of +1/+1 counter creatures. Simply hard to counter unless you can early aggro with Mardu. My last was against Mardu and my opponent an I had a lot of fun. First two games were super close and then then I had some poor draws and couldn’t take on the barrage of hitters on turn five. Regardless, a really fun day with some great opponents.

My MVP cards for the event were;

Rattleclaw Mystic: Awesome mana fixing, great morph flip, a must in sealed or Draft Temur because its just so damn good.
Lens of Clarity: Good for any deck but sooooooo crucial for limited Khans. To see not only what your top card is but also what any morph creatures were for 1 cost is just stupid. Put this out in at least four different games and it saved my ass a bunch.
Icy Blast: Tap for XB. So helpful for those massive punches. Great to drop right after a bears companion.
Thousand Winds: Game winner here for me, flip for 5BB is a lot but I did it in four different games (Had the entire board wiped a few times too…) Probably the best creature in my sealed deck and it wasn’t even Temur.

All in all great event. Looking forward to going to the next one