To Infinity and Beyond!

So…I have been thinking about other games. *gasp* “oh my god Yes I know, traitor, deserter, pheguth, yes perhaps these are names that I deserve for this transgression. But fear not friends, I will not be leaving Firestorm. I wish to dabble in other games on top of FSA to quell my hunger to build terrain. Also the Infinity forums are very active when compared to the FSA ones, which is not a bad thing as the quality of posts on the FSA site are of a much higher quality due to the ‘niche’ members that participate in it. Even more so I have been attempting to schedule a Firestorm battle between myself and my normal opponent. The Terran Fleets will purge the Ratholza soon, but until such a battle commences, I will leave you with some thoughts on Infinity.

I actually was originally torn between starting Infinity and FSA way back when I got my first fleet. I had had enough of 28mm in Warhammer 40k and the price hikes from that company that starts with a ‘G’ and ends with ‘amesworkshop’. Searching for a change I stumbled on Infinity and decided that I was more interested in a game with a lower level of painting skill required and terrain needed. Thus I turned away from Infinity to bear arms for the Directorate. Needless to say my passion for minatures has led me back to Infinity for the very same reason. I want to build terrain again and play on the 28mm scale again.

Thus I am making a sweeping declaration. If I, Npf6, can convince at least 2 more friends of mine to start Infinity with me I will get a starter box this summer. I will also paint one of my FSA fleets myself and look at getting Blue Table Painting to do my infinity force.

There. Done. I have said it and I cannot take it back!

Next week I am going to do a run down of Infinity and the rules a bit (gotta read them first) and hopefully post up my battle report for FSA after that.

Stay tuned!