Restarting the Blog! X-Wing is my new friend

Haven’t touched this thin in a lonnnnnng time.

Probably time to.

[Enter Stage Left]

I’ve really done a 360 on my hobbying. While previously a closet 40k player (Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, Orks), I have entire rid myself of anything to do with Games Workshop. While I still love the amazing stories they produce and love looking at the new pretty models produced monthly, I can’t bring myself to invest in a game system I no longer believe in.

With that being said, I have sold all my 40k armies and most residual gaming system to which I am not currently vested in.

Currently, my main systems are;

  1. X-Wing
  2. Firestorm Armada
  3. D&D
  4. Dystopian Wars

And that’s it. Even Dystopian Wars has taken a serious back burner compared to the others.


X-Wing has seriously taken my attention these last few months. The game system is surprisingly easy to understand and quick to pick up for almost anyone. I’ve expanded into both Rebels and Imperial as both offer different play styles that offer new ways to play.

Right now, I probably favor Imperials more, simply because of the current meta which focuses on hitting hard and flying out of arc like a mad man.

As a part of my pledge to restarting this blog, I plan to post as many of the games I play with simple battle reports (with pictures of course).

Can’t wait to get back into this.



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