Welcome back Commander.

Been a while since I wrote on this blog. With the current release of Version 2.0 of FSA, I have been dusting off my Directorate fleet for battle. In comparison to the former versions, the Directorate has improved tremendously.

Right off the bat, I am seriously looking to competitively use my Overseer Carrier with a full compliment of wings for the first time as either support or command element for my fleet. At 125pts with cloaking, Cyber-warefare weapons upgrade, (for free). With a full compliment of wings, this would be a nasty activation. Both the Executioner and Justice Cruisers have both significantly improved over the previous versions. Justice Cruisers now have gun-racks, cloaking, special-forces MAR, and Bio-hazard Ammo available for 5+. So for 170pts I can run two of them and board the shit out of other cruisers.

Judgement Battleship (5pts +1 Turn Limit, 15pts +1 Shield, 10pts Bio-hazard Ammo)=200
Overseer Class Carrier (Cyber-warfare, 5pts +1 Mov)=130
Wing Squadron (6xBomber)=30
Justice Heavy Cruiser x1 (5pts Bio-hazard Ammo)=85
Executioner Cruiser x2 (10pts Bio-hazard Ammo, 10pts Special Forces)=130
Enforcer Frigates x4 (20pts for Bio-hazard Ammo)=120
Enforcer Frigates x4 (20pts for Bio-hazard Ammo)=120

Total Points=815

Essentially Bio-hazard Ammo on as many ships as possible to play havoc on the enemy fleets crews. Special forces spread around as well to increase my boarding opportunities. Maxed out Enforcer frigates, which are now highly versatile with turrets. At this point level, a carrier and a battleship might be too much, should the situation require it, Destroyers can easily be exchanged in this list.

Right now, most of my fleets in undergoing a simple green run in preparation for a new fleet paint job in preparation for the engagement with my fleet. I have also begun painting my Tarakian forces up. I am really considering starting a fleet centrally based on the Tarakian’s as soon as the updated Alliance Fleet Rules get updated.

Anyways, can’t wait to get the fleet out of the dry-dock!


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