A New Chapter!


Rejoice! Exams are finished and life is easy once again! It has been a long and grueling semester, but totally worth it. Of course now it is time to dive back into Firestorm Armada headfirst!

I have a few goals to complete this summer are;

1) Paint my ENTIRE Directorate Fleet
2) Build all of my Flight wings
3) Construct at least one planet
4) Build some more asteroids
5) Finish painting my board (nebula effect)
6) Get in at least 1 game every few weeks
7) Play at least 1 game of Dystopian Wars

Okay so lots to do, but it should be fun to accomplish all of this. Anyways I will leave it at that for now! Over the next couple of days I want to do a showcase how to make your own fighter tokens from bergstrom models, complete my 3 part free to play computer game series, and determine my paint scheme for the my Directorate Fleet.

Anyways I will leave it at that! I am looking forward to posting more and continuing my original goal of at least once a week.


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