Daskeyboard Review

So I was super excited to get my das keyboard on Monday and WOW I was not let down. The simplistic design does not due the key board justice. As a a heavy typist, I tend to bottom out my keys quite a bit and was a little worried the mx cherry blue switches would be too noisy. Yes they are noisy, as I am typing this it is hard to not notice the sound they make. Despite this its in a lot of ways “refreshing” from the experience using a standard membrane keyboard. About a year ago when I built my gaming PC, I debated getting a Das or a Razer Blackwidow. In the end I went with neither and ended up with a Steelseries Merc Stealth for about a 1/3 less than the previous two. I realize now the mistake since I was incited by its gaming advantages and not its overall typing advantages. The extra keypad became a nuisance when not in use and the LED’s were pretty much extra fancy novelties that I hardly noticed. It was packaged very nicely and require no drives or extra setup to use, just plug it in and boom your in business. I hope this keyboard will not only encourage me to type more but also to type better. While I overall prefer tenkeyless keyboards better, aesthetically and because they take up significantly less space. Fortunately the Das seems to have a more compact design than a standard keyboard. Not tenkeyless, but smaller dividers between the numb pad and arrow keys which essentially create a smaller keyboard. Typing just feels more natural as you can feel every key depress regardless of weather or not you bottom them out.
WP_20130101 1
In gaming the Das Keyboard has proven to be just as reliable as my previous Steelseries Merc Stealth. The tactile feedback helps recognize my hot key presses without visually ensuring. I noticed a particular improvement in my speed while playing Starcraft 2. Before getting my Das calculated my WPM on TypeRacer.com. Before I was doing a max 52 WPM and now with my Das I maxed at 66 WPM which is the fastest score I have ever had.

A few minor issues that I have with the Das;
1. Sometimes the reverberation of the springs can be annoying but overall its slowly becoming less noticeable the more I use it.
2. Most of the keyboard sports a matte finish except the top which is glossy and attracts finger prints and dusty easily. I have only has this keyboard a few days and already I have wiped with down twice due to dust.
3. While I never really noticed my LED’s as much in my old Steelseries Merc Stealth I do notice the lack of them in the Das. This is probably my smallest complaint but since the media keys are blue and not white like the others then they tend to blend in quite a bit making them hard to distinguish in low light.


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