Starship Bridge Simulator


Last night I joined a few friends in, what I would consider, a very accurate representation of a Star Trek bridge battle.. scenario.. thing…simulation… Ok, it was awesome basically you purchase this program called Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator You and your friends then take the positions on the ships bridge with your own computers and fight against the computer in scenarios generated by the game. There are 6 positions;

1. Helm: drives the ship basically thrusters, warp, facing ect.
2. Weapons: controls the weapons systems which are torpedo’s and beams (lasers)
3. Engineering: manages power of they ships different systems and distribution of coolant reserves
4. Science: i think they should just call this sensors since there really is no science involved but i digress, you scan the enemy ships and determine the classification and shield harmonics (a-e) of the enemy ships
5. Communications: manages all communications between NPC ships and space stations and also the ability to hail enemy ships to taunt or ask for them to surrender
6. Captain: the Captain is obviously the guy in charge. When we played we mostly yelled at one another to do stuff since we had no idea what we were doing and I was managing both Coms and Science. With enough people you can have each station filled and a captain to plan how things are done. The captain can have his own computer, but its no a requirement. You can get by with just watching the main tactical display and listening to updates from officers.

The simulation can be fairly challenging at some points and without constant communication its hard to not get killed. Each position works toward succeeding in the goals of the ship. Engineering needs to overclock or booster certain ship functions at certain times. Sensors needs to get the harmonics, helm needs to coordinate weapons so they are facing the target, communications needs to instruct npc space stations to build torpedo’s and nukes for the weapons of your ship. At one time there can be a lot going on.

As said before, last night I was the Communications officer and Science officer for a bit until we had a few more people. Science was fun you have the most information on screen compared to the other positions. Knowing the weakest shield harmonics of the enemy ship (a-e) is important information to be relayed to weapons so they can do maximum damage to the enemy ships.

All in all it was a blast, I’m not doing the simulation justice in my explanation. Not that this game is overly complex but, its a little difficult to explain. I’, sincerely looking forward to doing this again with a full crew and a more “bridge” like setup to enhance the experience and maybe next time I will take some photos of the setup as well.


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