New phone… boooyah

Nokia Lumina920

I got a new phone a few days ago and I am loving it. Its a Nokia Lumia 920 running a windows 8 operating system. At one point I had been torn on purchasing the iphone 5 when it came to Rogers networks here in Canada but frankly I am glad I changed my mind. This baby is running a dual core snapdragons s4 processor which is great but not quad core, but really who needs 4 core’s for their bloody phone. The Lumia sports 4.5″ screen at 1280×768. The sensitivity of the screen is amazing and apparently when turned up you can manipulate the phone while wearing gloves.

I love this phone. The Lumia is a huge improvement over my Samsung Captivate I896 running android that froze once a week and had terrible cell reception.

Bottom line is better than an iphone? No, probably not but who gives a shit. The iphone may beat windows in the number of apps available and smaller phone but, the Lumia 920 feels sturdy in your hands and much more practical for someone like myself who owns one apple product(itouch) and has no interest in purchasing a mac of any sort at the moment. With full integration with outlook, Facebook, and skydive I find that it creates a much more pleasant user experience when everything is in one place. There will be more apps for windows phones… soon, but I am currently satisfied with what I have and had no trouble in switching apps when one in particular from android was not available.


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